Google Goes for the Offensive: Honors ‘Balikbayans’

Guess what Google has put together that will make them closer and tighter in the hearts and minds of Filipinos that no other social media networks have done and it’s a brilliant move.


Branding: Social Media and Politics

Social Media will take the center stage in the upcoming elections of our communities. What should aspiring and incumbent politicians do now to make sure voters will vote for once they run for office?

Socialbakers: FMCG FB Pages Lost 16M Fans in The Philippines

What happened? Why did fans do that? Will they still go back? I personally analyzed the data and if my discernment is correct, we’re seeing a whole new dimension of Facebook never seen before. Read more.


Instagram, The Philippines, and Selfies

Instagram clearly won the PR battle and Vine is green with envy right now and the recent Time magazine announcement won’t help because the IG fans will love their new product. Read more here.