Jollibee launches potential viral video

It seems like Jollibee will break the bank again with almost 350,000 Facebook views and counting which was launched 9 AM today.

We got wind of the video minutes ago and we’re sharing Jollibee’s continued dominance in viral video fame.

The video is funny and amusing that encapsulates the ‘creative scene’ behind on-shoot production work where three male protagonists assert what the new commercial video is all about. The skit features Anne Curtis and shows her in different roles, wearing funny costumes, and playing the scenes as three men discuss how the commercial should look like presented to their ‘client’ Jollibee.

Anne gets treatment in Jollibee

Anne stars in a funny role

Would this “How to make a viral video” erase the heartaches of those captivated by the last commercial (#thevow) and put Jollibee branding back as a happy place? We think so and we hope to see more videos like this from Jollibee soon. WATCH VIDEO HERE. #jollibeeknows

Jollibee Doble Linamnam Trio

Are we seeing the next ‘stars’ of Jollibee viral video? Let’s see.


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