Google Goes for the Offensive: Honors ‘Balikbayans’

(image: google philippines)

More than heroes, they are family and Google made a good campaign to promote OFWs welfare. (image: google philippines)

Google honors Filipino Overseas Filipino Workers or Filipino Expatriates in their latest offering that will perhaps make more Filipinos open a Google account. This is no politics but against Yahoo! and other Social Media accounts, Google has strived to make their presence in the Philippines more relevant and this OFW resource page can convince a lot of families with OFW roots to start considering going Google with all their communication need.

Our ‘Modern Day Filipino heroes’ are beset with so much sacrifices and anguish without being with their loved ones day in and day out. This rampant bombardment of loneliness and sometimes desperation can lead them to more stress and even depression. Google teamed up with a couple of local foundations and put up a page that will address a lot of those concerns and introduce the brand (Google) as a sensitive, Filipino-at-heart company with OFWs in their minds. This is a brilliant way to “re-connect” Google with so many Filipino families who have a loved one (or more) earning for them to get through economic strife: Enter Google Balikbayan.

The Google Balikbayan Page is divided in three parts, which helps users browse its contents: EXPLORE, SHARE, and GET READY.

For an OFW, the Explore tab gives users the chance to join communities where they can group with fellow emigrants of nations and territories they live; Nonnatives can also preview YouTube channels and check out the latest in entertainment and political news and updates that other Filipinos are interested in.

Share provides tools where those living abroad can connect with their loved ones. This is where Google showcases its apps like HangOuts, Google Photos, and Google Maps giving each one more relevance in an OFW’s daily life.

Get Ready is all about information, giving expats a chance to explore the world around them. The Page is filled with pre-programed information that can help them track places like nearest Embassies, Churches, Banks, and of course Malls. A useful tool that provide information to about forty-five (45) nations across the globe.

If you got friends and family who have OFWs families, it may be good to share this page to them. Check out the link below. I also want to honor Google: Great job, Google Philippines and we want to see more of the same projects you may be planning soon.

This cool project was made possible with the help of UGAT Foundation, Inc. and Blas F. Ople Policy Center and Training Institute, organizations that advocate the welfare and success of Overseas Filipino Workers or OFWs.

You can see the new Google Balikbayan Page HERE.


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