A Must See: Media Outlook 2015

EU Media Futures Forum pic_0As a Digital Marketing Specialist it is important for me to understand the nuances and intricacies that other promotional channels can do and cannot do for me or my would-be clients. Besides, each channel has its strengths and weaknesses and some has immense power to capture that can spell wonders or doom for a product and/or services being promoted and that’s why every person involved in communication need to be kept updated on what is trending and what is useful for those in the ‘industry’ can use for their clients’ benefit.

I’m excited to see what 2015 holds for communications channels. I want to know how each one is doing in terms of giving more effective reach to the market I want to target. Will it mean more for the Internet or more for the telenovela crazed Filipinos who uses Social Media like crazy? Which medium can lay claim to be more “attuned” to the needs of the Filipinos? Are we getting close to becoming more connected on the cyber space and if not how many more years are we speaking of to see if we’re ever getting close to becoming a dynamic power in the continent when it comes to digital media? So many questions and it only gives me more reasons to attend an event like this.

It’ll be interesting and exciting to see all these come down to one of the most exciting talks I will attend. As the world moves — so are the Filipinos and the trend that I will get to see will provide me more insights and knowledge to strategize on what channel to use in 2015. I hope to see you there. Where? Media Outlook 2015 — where else and it’s only PhP4,000.00 to attend. Will you be there? Register today and together we’ll learn more.



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