Facebook Still Tops but Guess who is Second?

Audience-driving content magnification platform, Shareaholic, recently published an article reporting the performance status of our favorite social media networks. In its findings, Facebook is still the favored platform for users wanting to share content in their timeline. This means a lot to business owners who want to reach more people with their products and services — especially if the article posted is of use to the brand’s followers.
Social-Media-Traffic-Trends-Report-Q3-October-2014-chartRight now, Facebook has more than 1.3 Billion users and The Philippines contribute more than 30 Million Facebook users and this figure will continue to grow as smartphones sales continue to proliferate in the archipelago. The more Filipinos get connected, the more this becomes important to organizations as Facebook continue to become the tool that drives traffic to websites and build more user base down the road. As this happens, business owners in the country can only expect more from Facebook and use it as its platform to reach more users to build their business leads.

The next most newsworthy to share is Pinterest. While we like Instagram for pictures, Pinterest is the better choice for people all over the world to use when it comes to share concepts, ideas, and other interesting images that they feel people would like to use as reference. There’s a growing trend nowadays that people use to visualize what they want to capture and we use the word, “peg” to convey our message to our audience. We use pictures as “pegs” to say visualize what we want to say and Pinterest may be what we can use to help ourselves get the message across. Pinterest now is the second-most used social media for users to share image content across its platform. I think it would help Pinterest to share their image on Facebook with a “Share on FB” button there that would make it relevant for FB users to use when pictures are shared on platforms.
Google and LinkedIn are the third and fourth growing social media platforms that is growing today that businesses can use. Both platforms are popular to business owners, professionals, and thought leaders and you can take advantage of this especially if you have a product or service that caters to businesses than end-users.

While 2015 is fast approaching, it would be good to start tweaking the way you do social media and start thinking about using Pinterest, Google, and LinkedIn as a platform to shout out your message. These vehicles are not as widely used and popular like Facebook and it is good to note that if you start using other platforms, you’re sure to be reaching more people across all platforms and more audience that you can ever imagine and use it as your leads. We do know that leads turn into conversions so why not take advantage of it today?

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