Start With Google!

Take the opportunity and waste no money

Take the opportunity and waste no money

I can’t emphasize enough for business start ups to develop their internet presence using free tools like the ones Google offers. Yes, that would mean that you have to open up a Google Mail account for your business and making use of it more than your Yahoo! email — don’t try to hide. I know we, Filipinos, are Yahoo! email carriers. I digress.

I’m not upset. I’m just so emboldened to share at least five tools you can use right away to help your business get off the ground and start getting noticed on the Internet. Again, these tools are free just in case you don’t know and you can access them today. Let’s start:

  1. Google Mail (Gmail) – It’s your access to all the tools that are available on Google and like Yahoo! Mail, it’s free and it is packed with features and advantages.
  2. Google Alert – Setting this feature up with your Google Mail will provide you insights, news, and updates from competitors you have in the market. The alert will send you emails listing down stories and news that comes out related to the topic you want Google to find. Also, it will give you topics of things you want to learn more about as other writers and authors talk about it. It’s a powerful tool that will give you more awareness and understanding about the business you’re in.
  3. Google Drive – It’s like Microsoft Office on steroids. Why? Because you can actually collaborate with other people in your office or network about the office documents you’re working on in real time. Wanna discuss about sales trends? You can actually open up the spreadsheet you need to talk about and you can see every detail your associate is talking about even if he/she is at the opposite end of the planet. A must try!
  4. Google Places – This is the perfect tool to literally get your business on the map. It’s a powerful feature in Google where you can put your business on the map and be found by your potential clients and customers.
  5. Google Plus – It’s Google’s answer to Facebook. Yes, FB is more powerful than g+ but it cannot be denied its power because whatever you publish on the pages of this social media network, it gets translated to the rankings of your company in terms of search-ability and accessibility.

These are just some of the tools you can access for free and we haven’t shared details of other Google tools like YouTube, Google Analytics, Blogger, Google Search Engine, and others. For now, get your business going and yes, try Google and see what it can do to give your business more mileage on the Internet — besides, you need Google to have a better search result in its searches.


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