Branding: Social Media and Politics


Publish, publish, publish — so voters will get to know you.

If you’re a politician, you may not find it important to keep publishing your accomplishments on line, or not. Some will find it a waste of time and money and energy, however, when people want to know more about you, it is the internet that will index all the things you have accomplished and it doesn’t matter if you lead the pack of popular leaders running in the elections or a newbie.

Without proper content direction, politicians will only publish their works that make them look good, however, people can still smell the phony and reject succeeding posts and online articles as press releases and in Filipino terms, “Pa-pogi lang! (Trying to look good only)”

So what to do?

There has to be a balance of accomplishments and in what people want to see from a leader-candidate or a sitting one who currently makes decisions for our community. The internet (tada!) is the perfect place to see those sides of our dear leaders and sadly we’re dictated by big media on what we want to see and of course, those that provide the view and context is dictated more or less by its Editor-In-Chiefs.

Having said that it is important to have ones own domain (read: website) and this is the best place to see the records and chronicles of politicians who want to reach their supporters and those curious enough to want to know them more. Those managing the outcome of news and posts should take into consideration the balance of news that I mentioned above and it’s should not just be an all Sunny disposition of the politician you’re taking care of.

People want to see the authentic side of each leader. They want to see what makes them happy, mad, and bleed and burst into laughter. Ultimately, they want to know if they can make the right decisions when they need it and as they need it. Are they strong leaders? That can only be answered in time as people see what their primary torch-bearer is all about.

On the other hand, there will be politicians who will not publish regularly or not even post a single accomplishment about their works. If they do, they’re not balanced and would only show the “victorious” side of their acts. That’s why when big media starts coming up with barrages of investigative reports, politicians curl and become defensive and confused. They’ll scramble their PR gods and attempt to paint their dear leader a hero or a hurting lion that needs more support than ever. Such tactics are effective as a band-aid treatment but again people can see under the guise and still make their decisions in the ballot. Did I mention PR machines are expensive? Yes they are and in a lot of cases, they fail because stronger voices on the internet would succeed in bending the minds of those who don’t know much about their “chosen one.”

So as a practitioner, understand that we cannot polish a turd. Do you know that saying? It means that PR, marketing, and circus acts can only entertain people for so long and they’ll find out the real measure of their elected leader. If being a two-face is their lifestyle so be it but they better be really that good to hide their kinks, cavities, and stinks. I digress.

In a growing world where Filipinos and people from different walks of life are slowly becoming more connected on the Internet, it is important to consistently and tirelessly publish different views, standpoints, attitudes, and works of the politician. It is the best guarantee that people have something to refer to and for that official to have something to lean on to when crisis starts hounding them. It is, consequently, their currency that they cannot afford to run out of. Without it, they have nothing to stand on and they ultimately fade away and be forgotten in a democratic world we live in.

At the end of the day, whatever community leader that provides more balanced, more genuine content today for their constituents will reap the dividends down the road by giving them something more to read. Reading something more is good because that produces Autheticity, Transparency, and Engagement. You will land more voters full of conviction that you’re the leader they want in the coming elections. What is important is that people see you for who you are and what you care for in this world seen, read, and heard on social media because if you don’t, you have no business leading at all.


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