‘Gangnam’ YouTube Video Hits 2B Views

Congratulations, PSY!

Congratulations, PSY!

Three days ago, PSY’s ‘Gangnam Style’ YouTube video hit another record no other artist like him has ever done on Social Media, hit the 2 Billion views mark.

“I don’t remember when (Gangnam Style) broke 1 billion views, but I do recall thinking, ‘How did I ever make such a record,’ ” Psy recalled in an interview recently, which is still strong and has recently hit 5 million views more.

The anatomy of Gangnam Style’s rise to fame got experts scratching their heads but Park Jae-sang (PSY’s real name) beginnings was not a fluke. He studied music in Berklee College of Music in Boston before the turn of the 21st Century and launched his album in 2001 in his native country of South Korea. He continued composing, coming up with local hits. All he did was out of fun and something he enjoyed. In July 2012 he posted his now legendary hit music video with a kid, a bunch of professional dancers gyrating to his music, an old batch of strutting old folks, along with friends doing crazy and funny indulgences turning out to be a perfect recipe for a music that supposedly only Koreans can enjoy (or despise!).

I researched what made this video into a phenomenon and after reading some materials from #socialmediatoday, #dailytekk, and #mashable, I am convinced that aside from hardwork, consistency, and passion (aka doing what he loves doing!) – it is the originality and telling all other showbiz-dom personalities that you don’t have to use drugs, sex, and rock n’ roll to obtain 2 billion views, to become the darling of the media, and the most talked about music feature this world has ever watched creating a buzz that up to now is hitting more than a million hits every day. It is the most effortless music video-making that is a lesson on social media for you because PSY is just having fun.

There’s more! According to Billboard, PSY is set to release another single in the USA with Snoop Dogg. Their single is called ‘Hangover’ and it’s the very first RnB release that PSY will do – very first with any Western artist for that matter. He and Snoop will release their anticipated hit at the Jimmy Kimmel Live! show this coming 8th June. We can’t wait to see that on social media wires.


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