PH 2016 Elections: A ‘Social’ Event?

Turkey’s Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan blocked Internet connections to Twitter and YouTube days before the recently concluded elections in Turkey. This sums up my suspicions that these two social networks are the most popular among the muslim populations.
I’m not suspecting that the same will happen in The Philippines any time soon as our nation prides itself with the freedom that these channels bring to our society. The question I dare ask this early is, which of the social media channels politicians will use in the upcoming elections in 2016? I don’t I will be the only one who will predict that our timelines on Facebook will be flooded with supporters parading their favored candidates, more so than it was in 2013 or even in 2010. The reason? Smartphones are being sold by more than 800% in Visayas and in Mindanao than it was before and the numbers are rising. Smartphones are being sold less than PhP2,000 each and they’re Android Kitkat versions!
This means that internet access will be far greater important than ever it was in decades past.
Aside from Facebook, which do you think politicians will tap to reach you and win your votes in the upcoming elections? Your contribution will form part of an interesting experiment where the results will be analyzed and shared.


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