Globe’s new Tact and how it Plans to Attack

Print ads? Gone.

Billboard ads? Gone.

Now that Globe will move its allotted marketing budget to digital, broadsheets and billboard suppliers are wondering how on earth Globe can survive without their help. There are a lot of ways actually but let it be known that this is a bold move by a major company in The Philippines whose total industry budget spent on record for digital media is no more than 4% — if I’m not mistaken. Other countries like the US have companies leveraging their brand’s existence on social logging in 35% of their budget on digital marketing, and growing!

So what would Globe do with all the advertising money “saved” and how are they going to spend it? While Television and Radio will still get a portion of its pie, It’ll be a good analyze what social can offer Globe in this move but mind you, I’m no Globe executive nor do I work for an agency that services Globe but having learned the trade I can guess more or less what Globe can and may do to keep their presence felt on cyberspace — especially to a market they haven’t captured yet. There are two major areas of campaigns they can use social media for their benefit.

First is for product updates on Globe like pre-paid promotion or a new pre-paid/post-paid plans, I am willing to bet that other than placing an ad on high traffic websites like, they will might as well use Email Marketing for the tons of email information they have in their drives. They could even employ a flurry of information in the guise of Content Marketing just to maintain their customer base and keep them wanting for more. Another way is to upload 10-second videos or commercials on a source and blast them using SnapChat on an opt-in systemized database of Globe customers just to say hi or introduce a new product from their arsenals.

Second one is to acquire new customers (or win them back), Globe can engage them through regular channels where they frequent. Talk about LinkedIn and Goolge+ as a starting off point where most of their market are found. Then still use YouTube Channels, Vimeo Channels, and Twitter, which recently moved to incorporating more pictures in tweets, to announce new smartphones and plans. Aside from ads that may appear on your apps, Globe can also create a campaign to woo-in more women in Pinterest as a means of curating content that will express the telecommunication company’s corporate message and what is stands for.

The big question now in the minds of ad executives: how much budget would Globe gush in the Social Media world? But you can be sure that it will be big and it will focus mainly on the Filipinos mobility in accessing the worldwide web using their smartphones. Whatever Globe intends to do, the message is clear — It’s no longer business as usual. The bigger question in my mind now is would most Filipino-owned businesses like SMART, SM, San Miguel follow suit? I think they won’t straddle the sidelines if you ask me when so many factors come into play giving more and more consumers the power to access information wherever and whenever they want it. “Social” now is becoming the norm in the Philippines. Our day-to-day activities and needs depend on it — from free VoIP calls, email access, and now entertainment source — it’s as if a new era has dawned and Globe can smile and say that they were the first ones to break ground and make gigantic companies look small in the arena of relevance in the social media-scape.

Globe’s Possible Strategies in using Social as a means to reach their market:
Acquire new customers
Television, Radio, YouTube, Vimeo, Instagram, Facebook, Google Plus, LinkedIn and Twitter

Provide updates on Globe products
Email Marketing, CRM, Content Marketing, SnapChat, Website, Twitter


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