Google Places: Perfect for Your Micro Business

As a micro or small business, you need all the free tools you can use at will to create presence in all spheres of influence your friends may be in. I can’t emphasize enough how powerful Google Places is in increasing your presence on the web. For starters, as soon as you successfully register your business in this app, you can now be searched on Google Maps! Isn’t that great?!

Here are five other advantages I can think of in using Google Places:
1. It builds trust
Google’s strict policies will make you sweat a bit. It won’t ask for documentation and all but it will ask you to do something to verify information about your business and make sure it is what is claims to be.

2. shows sincerity
Having done that, your customers will feel a bit more secured that you’re willing to share information of your location. That’s a good sign that you’re not hiding or that you’re sharing a lot about who, what, where, and how to get to your business.

3. demonstrates courtesy
Having information about your business shows how willing you want to help your customers get to your place. Google Places will publish your business on your map and in return make this available in Smartphone apps like Foursquare and Waze.

4. increases search visibility
When I set up my business and customers started using words not even associated to your physical address, Google will link the name of the road nearest to your business address and show it as part of its search results. Isn’t it neat?

5. promotes business
As you work to improve your operations, your listing is at work when people search for the type of product or service you offer. It’s like having an agent working for you silently without paying any salary at all.

6. gives you marketing tools
As a Google Place profile, you are given but not limited to vast array of tools you can use to promote your business further: (a) Picture of your brick and mortar store; (b) Business information (c ) Google+ Page (d) Insights (e) Reviews (f) Searchable in Google Maps

So with this newfound tool, you can be sure that your business is up, listed, and ready to face the challenge with you. Test Drive Google Places today.

If you need more help in installing Google Places for your business, please do not hesitate to ask my assistance and I’ll gladly put you up to speed and get you running and offering your business immediately. Call me at +63 920 959 5747. You can also reach me free via wifi using Viber or WhatsApp.

Enjoy your day!

Google Places:

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