Five Ideas in Creating Your Voice On Social Media

Like a kid, have an open mind to learn more

Like a kid, have an open mind to learn more

As a micro business or small business owner, a very good social media experience for your followers requires of you to have a lot of patience, a lot of experimenting, and a lot planning. Planning itself is not easy given the fact that you don’t know what message or content to give your users and what message users will enjoy, however, that is exactly the problem businesses usually face nowadays when they treat social media as just another tool to shout their messages to their fans. We always have to remember we’re dealing with people and a number of competitors blaring different messages all the time. Here are some tips we can set your mind on so you can start conjuring ideas that you can put on paper and execute on social media.

Be honest, genuine, and courteous — Be Deliberate!
There’s nothing more liberating than to be who your brand aspires to be and it would be good for you if you start off your plan with the end in mind. Is your Burger business happy or serious? Is it fun or interesting? Is it smart or street smart? Whatever the person you’re trying to build, you should have it in mind from the beginning. Write this down and tape it where you always see it so when you engage your fans: it is not the person they’re engaging but the “person” in the brand.

Be yourself and have fun
The best thing a brand can do is to be what it is than what followers want them to be. While you can’t win all your fans, it would be good to be honest about who you are and what you are as a brand. By the way, being yourself does not mean being careless. Unless you’re posting for WWE or MMA fans, then it’s always a good measure to be nice.

Sharing leads to more audience

Sharing leads to more audience

Be generous and giving — Share!
Have you heard the Biblical saying, “It’s better to give than to receive”? Well, it’s really better because generosity is your best friend in building a relationship with them. By the way, being generous doesn’t mean you’re buying your fans attention or them. You’re being generous because that’s what your brand is. Another thing, sharing doesn’t always have to be monetary. Sharing could be information, a thought, ideas — it has to be valuable.

Be careful with your messages
This is the encompassing fact in all the tips I have shared. While you’re being honest, having fun, and generous — it is much important to be always careful with the tone, language, and grammar your using to deliver your message. You also need to have someone to read your work before it is published. Another set of eyes will help you a long way in maintaining the quality of message you publish on Social Media.

You’re not building entertainment, you’re building trust
In the end, it is the brand who talks and relates with the customer. Even with a designated Admin replying back to the customer, the message should be in synch with the heart and soul of the company. In being who you are as opposed as trying to be who you’re not, a brick of trust is built and you use of each of these bricks to build your brand evangelist who will fight for your brand because it stands for something.

Planning is key in all of this and it would be good to draw this all out and finalized in a way that when you see your brand, you see your creation, and how it will react to the growing fan base you have on your social media network.

If you need help in working out your plan, please tweet me, send me a Facebook message, or just email me and I’ll do my best to reply back in the fastest time possible. Thank you for reading and I hope I helped you out to build your business in this area. Have a nice day.


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