Socialbakers: FMCG FB Pages Lost 16M Fans in The Philippines

FMCG or Fast Moving Commercial Goods (read: sodas, candies, canned goods, juice drinks, snacks)-based pages are fast losing their fan bases and it seems LIKErs are losing their interest.

Socialbakers (data aggregator of social media networks) showed a steep decline of FB Page followers of brands in this industry. The total sum of fans reached their highest point in December with 37,118,607 fans. That number declined towards the end of January with 36,686,449 or a 432,158 (1.17%) fan drop. February saw its worse figure with only 20,706,697 total fans in the same industry or a total number of 16,411,910 FB profile holders “unliking” pages. That was a whopping 55.79% drop of fan likes.

A clear example that fans do 'unfollow' pages over a period of time

A clear example that fans do ‘unfollow’ pages over a period of time

What happened? From the two other samplings I studied, it is proven that people click the UNLIKE button to leave their favored brand for another message they want to hear. In this case Electronics and Beauty are the two industries that consumers want to relate with. Since December the Electronics sector saw a 2.26% increase of people LIKING pages of brands that perhaps carry communication devices or gadgets. The Beauty industry saw a sharper increase of LIKErs with a 27.87% increase or 3.1M people following pages of brands that carry beauty products from soaps, lotions, to creams. This was evident with Safeguard (Up, 177%) and Pepsodent increased its engagement points by a whopping 2,664%, with their “BRUSHING ADVENTURE” posts which spanned from 18 days of 1 post per day.

Right under Colgate's nose, Pepsodent ran a campaign and it was successful

Right under Colgate’s nose: Pepsodent ran a campaign and it was, by far, a very successful fan engagement

What surprised me was the Beverage industry, which probably saw a 4M increase of page likers. Data weren’t available for December and January but the drink industry dislodged Retail Food (Fastfood, Restaurant) from the Top 5 list after it started losing followers steadily. Socialbakers’ survey in February showed it has a total fan base of 14,788,273 now compared to 10M for Retail Food in January. That’s a huge leap.

We’re gathering that Page Followers become the Bell Weather for industries to watch out for. This should give industries a reason to create meaningful relationships with its followers and help maintain its number of fans in its page by investing in what I always want to say, “generosity.” This is only the fourth month Socialbakers came out with this data and we’re excited to see what will happen in March when students are out from class and see how this will affect the overall show of the rates.

FMCG is the most affected industry overall but it’s still holding the top spot in the list of industries. An occurrence not unique to The Philippines because the United States and Indonesia saw a drop in Page Following over the same period of time: USA (25% drop) and Indonesia (43.86% drop). I just hope it’s not a technical glitch like what happened before with Socialbakers’ data of South Africa where the number of Facebook followers dipped by one million. Despite the news, it should be used as a gauge to keep users engaged and excited about the brand they opted to follow on Facebook.


2 thoughts on “Socialbakers: FMCG FB Pages Lost 16M Fans in The Philippines

  1. Hi mate, the data doesn’t seem to correlate with how the FMCG brands we are managing are doing. Maybe something else is at play 🙂


    • Hi Jason. Thanks for commenting. I agree but it’s just a wonder why 16+Millions of fans would leave but if they ‘unlike’ like what Twitter fans do then that’s something new for me.
      There’s another angle I’m trying to find out — at the bottom of my article reported some time ago that 1 million south africans left FB and it turned out to be a glitch.
      Thanks for asking again and I know… 16M is a lot. I’m hoping it’s a glitch but then again the same thing happened in Indonesia and US where a lot of fans “Unlike” their FMCG brands. If you get wind of something, please share it. I just don’t have direct contact with, the last email I sent bounced back. Sigh.


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