Instagram, The Philippines, and Selfies



Instagram clearly won the PR battle in The Philippines – the reigning Time Magazine’s ‘Selfiest City of The World’ when the former used the Facebook conglomerate company of Instagram as a tool to determine the city that takes photos of themselves and consciously tag their post with #selfie. Cool huh? Expect more and more Filipino smartphone users whose probably going to add tens of millions of users more to its already growing population of 150M users up 50 Million in six months beginning February 28, 2013. They’re probably inching closer to 200 Million users soon in the three months or so.

Anyway, now some words are better said in pictures especially when you see something or someone that reminded you of your friend. Such messages can be witty, inspiring, and some times bad (never do this!) and what better way to express your thoughts than your ability to send it to them DIRECTly via Instagram. If you want to know more how this works, go check out the video and keep that connection warm and fuzzy ’cause such gestures are memorable and it builds (or destroys :P) relationships. A picture indeed says a thousand words so get creative and show them how you mean to them.

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