Digital Marketing Tips for Micro Businesses

All the tools you need in one hand

All the tools you need in one hand

About six months after you started your fledgling business, you now start to see progress and it’s incrementally growing to the potential that you’re expecting it to be. Now you start dreaming big. You now want to bring your operations to the next level but how? You don’t have enough money. Enough to pay for more fliers, posters, tarpaulin signboards, and people putting them in strategic places like street corners and jeepney stops — so what do you do?

Go digital
I came up with more than about a dozen ways to help micro businesses set up their presence on the web and get their businesses to the next level immediately. It’s FREE and you don’t have to pay anybody to do it for you.

I need to warn you though: in order for you to appreciate my list, you need to understand that more and more Filipinos/Your Kababayans are now getting connected on the Internet. More and more now have Smartphones and more and more now are able to connect to the web of pre-paid plans that make it easier for the to go online.

Foursquare and Google Maps
Helps people know where you afoursquare-logore when they search for you. Once subscribed to their services, you’re guaranteed more visibility especially when your users are on Instagram, Waze. Foursquare, and on Google Map apps. Click the link above, join, and be visible on the internet and on the ground.

Facebook Profile
There are about 30 Million Filipinos on this platform and imagine tapping just .001% of that number: 3,000 (now wouldn’t that help your business?) and the best part about it is that your neighbor is most likely part of this network. So join now and learn how to

Facebook Page
A must for your business if you want to have your own address on the most popular social media site in our nation.

Google Email
Most likely you have a Yahoo! Account but Gmail is far better for your business because it has applications that you can use for a business that’s growing like yours. Example? Google Email has a spreadsheet program that works just like Excel and yes, like MSWord too, which you can share to other members of your team who has Google mail. Go ahead, explore and enjoy!

google_plus_logoGoolge Plus
Like Facebook, Google has its own Social Media just like Facebook but it is not as popular but this doesn’t matter. Google and Facebook are two of the biggest activities, yes activities, that Filipinos love to do: “I-Google Mo” (You search it!) and “I-Add Mo’ko” or “I-Like Mo page ko” (Pertaining to Facebook’s most popular buttons). This means that there are two biggest groups on social that you need to reach and you can never lose by doing both in this proposition.

LinkedIn Profile
The 3rd most popular site in America but it’s also the most sought after site by working professionals, head hunters, and companies who want to fill-in job positions in growing companies. My point? Professionals! They have the extra money and they have the influence. Depending on your growing business, if you see there’s a potential for your business to get tapped by professionals — what’s stopping you?

Our country just got a boost once again after receiving Time Magazine’s Top “Selfiest Cities in the World” and they used Instagram as a basis for this study. It was a recognition even The United States and Europe didn’t expect because this App is only readily available for use on Smartphones and published only if you have an Internet connection. Use this app to take pictures of goods you are selling and share them on the web, which can be seen by people all over the world who follows your profile. Start now!

Slide Share
The most under-appreciated social media site but one that can be appreciated by those who love to share, to teach, and to remind their followers what their business is all about. Use Slide Share with your existing PowerPoint presentations to share your knowledge and what you know about a topic that will present yourself as an expect in that field. Best for owners of businesses who are experts in their own field of business. Who do you reach with this app? Professionals, Moms, Dads, Students – every one who wants to do things DIY.

Everybody Tweets in this country. You can tell, inform, advice your followers with news, updates, and information about your business. It’s all about relationship and you reward your followers with discounts, free stuff, things that will get your followers to buy or hire the service you provide.

This is a social media application (app!) that will simplify management of your social media accounts. Make a post in one and it can post in all of your social media profiles in Facebook, Twitter, Google, and others!

The second most popular search engine on the Internet after Google because there are a ton of videos people can watch, learn, entertain, and enjoy from. This is helpful for businesses that engage in photo-video services, education-based businesses, and for products who want to share their promotions and updates.

If you want to build loyalty amongst your best consumers, buyers, and subscribers then MailChimp is your best friend. Send them your newsletters, birthday greetings, special offers, and promotions personally. This gives you the power to make repeat sales from your most loyal patrons.

It’s a blog site and it can work as your first “website”. You may have joined Multiply before and used it as your own address on the Internet. WordPress is like that and it’s the most powerful Content Management System (CMS) you can use where you customers can go and learn more about your business and the products/services you offer.

Get a Data Plan for your Mobile
Finally, get a data plan for your smartphone if you don’t have one. In fact, Smart is offering Piso Plan where you get Internet Access for five hours for every 1 peso you shell out. With this access, you can post any experience you have online when you need it so your followers can better know you and the business you offer.

Advertising is an investment and it would cost you more to see if the advertising campaign will work or not. You don’t have the kind of money to spend as a micro-business but you have the same tools they use to bring in customers. You just need to be more aggressive and decisive as you earn your lot to bring your business to the next level.

If you need more help to achieve what you want to do, go ask us. We’re KUWADRO and we will make a masterpiece out of your growing business.


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