Jollibee launches potential viral video

It seems like Jollibee will break the bank again with almost 350,000 Facebook views and counting which was launched 9 AM today. We got wind of the video minutes ago and we’re sharing Jollibee’s continued dominance in viral video fame. The video is funny and amusing that encapsulates the ‘creative scene’ behind on-shoot production work…

KFC’s Genius Twitter Plan

KFC is creating quite a buzz for the way it set up its twitter account.  The official (American KFC account) has more than a million followers but what is very interesting about their account are who it follows. KFC is only following 11 other Twitter accounts. Interesting. Why why would they follow only 11 twitter accounts…

A Must See: Media Outlook 2015

Television will still dominate because of so many telenovelas and variety shows to keep Filipinos glued in but how close are we to seeing more Pinoys connected on the Internet. It would be an exciting event to attend.

Start With Google!

Get your business on the map and get more leads and potential clients calling you with the massive tools that Google has that can help your fledgling business reach its peak of success in a shorter amount of time.